Michaels crafts ideas: handmade friendship bracelets

Michaels crafts ideas: handmade friendship bracelets with black agate & silver charms DIY20

friendship bracelets

Prepare the Materials:

8 mm Black agate beads X6

Sterling silver Thai silver bowknot Charms X2

Sterling Silver Peanut-shaped Charms X1

Sterling silver ladybug shaped bell charms X1

Sterling silver Thai silver hollow-out rudder Pendant X1

No.72 672 Grey violet cord 2 meters

Others:Scissor, Measuring tapes ,lighter

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friendship bracelets

Step 1:

Fold the grey purple cord in half. Tie a double connection knot about 1 cm down from the top.Click here to see how to make a double connection knot.

friendship bracelets

Step 2:

Start braiding bracelet by using the snake knot.Click here to see the snake knot tutorial.

friendship bracelets

Step 3:

String a silver bowknot bead after you braided it about 2 cm long. And tie a double connection knot again.

friendship bracelets

Step 4:

String two black agate beads and tie a double connection knot. If you find difficult to thread the silver bead on cord, please note to burn the ends of cord so that the 2 cords will become one, believe it or not, it’ll more convenient for you on this way.

friendship bracelets

Step 5:

Make another double connection knot after string a silver peanut-shaped charm pendant.

friendship bracelets

Step 6:

Continue braiding bracelet with snake knot. Thread the two black agate beads on cords when its length is approx 2 cm. Tie another double connection knot after thread the beads.

friendship bracelets

Step 7:

String a silver hollow-out rudder pendant and continue braiding bracelets.

friendship bracelets

Step 8:

Tie another double connection knot after thread two black agate beads.

friendship bracelets

Step 9:

String a silver ladybug shaped bell pendant and then continue braiding bracelet with snake knot.

friendship bracelets

Step 10:

String a silver bowknot bead after you braided it about 2 cm long.

friendship bracelets

Step 11:

Again, continue braiding bracelets with snake knot and thread a spring clasp on the cord. Now tie an overhand knot.

friendship bracelets

Step 12:

Trim the excess cords and burn their tails, so that the cord will never be loosen.

friendship bracelets

Step 13:

Done it!

I am feel bothered by all the gifts i has to buy and distribute. But i like crafting different friendship bracelets. What about this friendship bracelets?  You don’t need to buy because you can DIY them for cheap. They are super fun to make to! You should definitely try it!